About Us

We are here to help you.

Social First has been established with the mission to help businesses achieve their goals using all of our knowledge and experience. We are able to tailor our service specifically to match your requirements and achieve measurable results. We won’t assume anything about your business and give you a generic service, but rather listen to your pain points and figure out a way to give you the most value.


No overheads.

Many agencies have large offices complete with pool tables, table tennis and the latest espresso machines. While this is great, unfortunately it will all be factored into your invoices which means we have decided to base ourselves in a co-working space in Manchester allowing us to keep running costs fairly minimal thereby passing the savings onto you. The most important thing for us is the results of the services we provide and offering the most value to our clients.


Deep understanding of social media space.

Our founder Elenor gained her knowledge at what is now the biggest social media company in the world - The LADBIBLE Group. Being part of a social media powerhouse which now has 120 million followers across their social platforms and which generates billions of views each month, has helped Elenor expand her knowledge on capturing attention, growing audiences, building communities, creating viral content and understanding paid advertising. All these factors are tremendously important to be successful on social media.


Established today.

For many agencies, being long established is seen as an advantage. However, this may not be true for social media agencies as trends and algorithms are constantly changing. Built by a millennial in today’s world, we have a great understanding of how social media platforms are being used, how content is consumed online and we make it our business to keep learning and adapting to developments on social media.