About Elenor


What has led me to start my agency and offer social media marketing services full-time?

I’ve always taken interest in social-media and content creation - I was the girl in school who was involved in all the video projects and captured silly little moments. I started vlogging during my high school years and developed a keen interest in videography.

However, even though I was considering film school, I decided to go for what I thought was more ‘practical’ degree at the time - Business Management and Chinese Language. I enjoyed university and used all my summers to take up Marketing and Social Media internships in several start-ups to gain experience. Working in Teleport Inc. (now MOVE Guides), AdCash and Captivate Training & Consulting in China helped me realise what I really enjoyed doing - social media marketing and content creation. I kept improving my photography and videography whilst also upgrading my camera gear over the years. As I enjoy travelling a lot, my content is mainly travel-based, which means I position my social media presence as a travel content creator.

After graduation, I caught the attention of UNILAD Adventure who were particularly impressed my previous content on my personal website. I was amazed by the prospect of potentially working at one of the biggest social media companies in the world. I ended up getting the job and worked my way up to being a Social Video Manager. My job role included developing new video concepts and formats across different social media channels and managing a team of video editors.

I was involved in campaigns with brands and tourism boards like The North Face, Samsung, Visit Seychelles, Visit Britain and many more. Since joining, I learned the ins and outs of social media, became a better videographer and got some valuable experience on branded client work.

After a year and 4 months and multiple amazing campaigns at UNILAD Adventure, I decided to take a step to start my own company. With the experience and insight I have developed throughout the years, I am now helping businesses achieve their goals with the help of social media.